from top roof with Contemporary fossils

contemporary fossils
About This Project

from top roof with contemporary fossils

Technique: digital photography |    Dimension: 20x30cm

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“the concept of Contemporary fossils has a particular place in my creation. It comes as a reflection of the relationship between human beings and their own products. Than it moves into the dynamics of two process : the first it is my curiosity and engagement to deform the plastic and create these strange and unconscious shapes, that I believe are contemporary “neoclassic” forms of our area… a bit later fossils of our civilization. Second process reinserts these products of the creation in a dialogue with the urban space, architecture and nature. You cannot stay without feeling the irony in the Contemporary Fossils in their  relationship with the nature, background, playful illusion of size, material and color. But beyond this, beyond the ideas and social engagement, there is something purely artistic in them It is the artistic will, unconscious, unintentional , to deform, to transform something obvious into something recyclable, more intimate in each person’s imagination. It is an act of empathy ..!”