this is the end 104

About This Project

This is the end 104

Technique: Acrilc on canvas    |    Dimension: 90x120cm  

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“This is the End” is a cycle of large format paintings ,  where emotions create fractures and a state of being not programmed, thought or projected before. The colors  pour out on canvas . Their stream follows  unconscious paths. The artiste interferes in  the process of mixing the colors , tracing their paths, slightly domesticating their  wild trajectories, softly  interacting with the canvas ,  creating these explosive images, fragile, unique and impossible to create twice.  Paradoxally in front of Jon Kraja’s painting, embarked in this  planetary  explosion, in the middle of this massive information, the playfulness between textures and colors, you are left  with the impression that the abstract, subconscious, comes close to the essence of reality…