JonKraja b. 1970  Descending from a family of artists and raised during the period of communist dictatorship in Albania,  Jon Kraja has developed an original and personal style  in visual arts and set design based on autodidactic research, going beyond conformity. He produces powerful  and surprising paintings, graphics, installations and set designs. He  is preoccupied with the unknown  and the usefulness of lifeless objects , combining  life and death, shades and lights that   illuminate  unexplored spaces of creation. Kraja   avoids the effort to create artworks belonging  to a particular trend and focuses  is the deep exploration into the spirit of  things .

Jon Kraja currently works on painting, graphic art, digital art and installation in his private studio in Tirana, Albania


Painting, Set design, Graphic art,  Street Art, Spray Paint, Contemporary art, Graphic Design, Related to Music,  Painting, Line, Form and Color, Installation,\kraja


“In the name of the father”, personal exhibition, Tirana ,Albania 1998  “Black sun” personal exhibition, Tirana Albania  2006 “Stemperando” La biennale de l’arte su carta, group exhibition, Contemporary Fossils – Torino,Tirana,Rome 2015 “from Rome with contemporary fossils” personal exhibition, Rome , Italy 2015 “Split canvas”, group exhibition, Kalo Gallery Tirana, Albania 2015 “Faces”, group exhibition, Kalo Gallery ,Tirana .Albania 2015 “Albanian Journey” group exhibition , Dusseldorf, Germany  2015  “The legend of a castle”, group exhibition, Kalo Gallery and Palace of Europe in Strasbourg, France and  Albanian Embassy Gallery, the Hague, Netherlands 2017, “My shades” solo exhibition, Gallery 70 Contemporary Art, March 2017; “Dreaming Home is Elsewhere” duo exhibition, Mediterranea of Young Artists, May 2017; “Curiosity” solo exhibition, Gallery 70 Contemporary Art  June 2017 , “Moonlight” solo exhibition, Gallery 70 Contemporary Art, September 2017; “Contemporary Fossils Trade Mark” solo exhibition, Gallery 70 Contemporary Art, October 2017; “This is the End” solo exhibition, Agora Gallery , Council of Europe, Strasbourg, May 2018  Set design Albanian National TV- RTSH “12 dances without a Saturday 1993, Set Design, Palace of Congresses “Miss Albania” 1993,Set design,“12  in Hollywood” RTSH,1994, Set design Palace of Congresses “5 Years homesickness” 1995, Set design palace of congresses“Miss Europe”1996, Set design “Eni Velcani defile”1996, Set Design“Magic song” 1999, Set design “European Children Festival, RTSH, 1999, Logo Design “TV KLAN” 1999, Set Design “MissAlbania” 2000, Set designs for TV Arberia shows, 2002-2003, Artistic Director JETA MAGAZINE 2003-2006, Set Design “Miss Albania”2006, Set Design “More Love” Klan TV 2007, Set design at National Theater of Opera, Soprano Inva Mula concert, 2008, Set Design, Durres Antique Amphitheater , Tedi Papavrami violin concert, 2008, Set design, Palace of Congresses, “I love more Albania” 2008, Set design “Histori me zhurmues” TV Klan, 2009, Set design Star Academy, TV Klan 2009, Set Design “Lost People” TV Klan, 2009, Set Design Radio Radio, soap opera at TV Klan, 2009, Set design “The meeting of the afternoon” TV Klan 2010, Set design Lost People RTSH, 2011, Set Design National Folk Festival of Gjirokaster, 2015