Jon Kraja is born in Tirana in 1970, where he graduated from the Arts Accademy of Tirana in 1994. Descending from a family of artists, inspired by his grand father Master Kole Shiroka and raised during the communist dictatorship in Albania, Jon Kraja, has developed an original and personal style, based on autodidact research, going beyond conformity. He produces powerful and surprising artworks preoccupied by the unknown and the usefullness of lifeless objects.
Jon Kraja has exhibited in Albania, France, Netherlands, USA. His works are part of private collections.
#painting #installation# sculpture #stagedesign

Selected Exhibitions
2019 Roots and wings/ Agora Gallery/ NYC/USA
2018 This is the end/The Hague/ NL
2018 This is the end/ Council of Europe/ Strasbourg/FR
2017 Moonlight/Gallery 70/Tirana/AL
2017 Curiosity/ Gallery 70/Tirana/AL
2015 Stemperando/ la Biennale dell’Arte su Carta /Torino /Tirana/Rome
2015 From Rome with Contemporary Fossils/Rome/IT
2015 Split Canvas /Galeria Kalo/ Tirana /AL (group exhibition)
2015 Albanian journey / Dusseldorf /DE (group exhibition)
1998 In the name of the father / Tirana /AL


Painting, Set design, Graphic art,  Street Art, Spray Paint, Contemporary art, Graphic Design, Related to Music,  Painting, Line, Form and Color, Installation,